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Monday, March 14, 2005

Blue line graffiti

The dark-blue line of the Moscow metro is one of the older lines, which means some of the downtown stations have the spectacular and grandiose design that the Moscow metro is known for. It also goes above ground closer to the end of the line, and there always seems to be graffiti along train rights-of-way.

"Isk" ("иск") graffito in the Ploshchad' Revoliutsii station (it may be
difficult to see since it was done with a narrow marker on the dark
background of the edge of the bench, toward the bottom of the photo in
the center). What I like about this tag is that while it's a word in Russian
that means "lawsuit," it's also the root of the verb iskat' (искать), which
means "to search or seek." What I like about this photo is the guy sleeping
on the next bench over.

Graffiti visible (on prefab garages, I think) from the blue line somewhere
past the Izmailovsky Park station.

This is a special train car designed, I assume, to do repairs on the metro
tracks. It was parked and snowed in at the small train yard which comes
after the Semyonovskaya station, actually between the Izmailovsky Park
and Izmailovskaya stations, to be exact. It had another cab at the other
end of the scaffolding, which had some less interesting graffiti on it. I
couldn't get the whole contraption in my viewfinder, unfortunately.

All photos from between 10:30am and 1:30pm, Feb. 19, 2005.


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