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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

From St. Petersburg

"Moscow Graffiti" is beginning to seem like a misnomer for this site, with all of the photos from St. Petersburg that I have been posting. These are left over from a couple of recent trips; hopefully I'll be up there again soon, as the writers there seem to be more creative and there are certainly more stencils I didn't get the chance to photograph. But I do have more Moscow material to come and will be publishing it in the next few days, time permitting. Anyway, here are some more street and courtyard scenes from SPB:

KGM tag (and passer-by's shadow) on Vosstaniia St.
near Moscow Station 2:17pm, March 3, 2005.

Tribute to glue ("klei"), a favorite way to get high for down-and-out
and/or homeless adolescents in Russia, 5:02pm, March 3, 2005, on the
Fontanka Canal Embankment.

Graffiti crossed out by an apparently religious (that's
a Russian Orthodox cross in light blue) tagger activist,
seen on Nevsky Prospekt, 4:37pm, March 3, 2005. I saw
this same phenomenon elsewhere in SPB.

Graffiti on a wall in a courtyard off Zhukovskogo St., 1:53pm, March 3,
2005. Note at far right the "official" graffiti - a stenciled notice advising
people of the number to call to report a fire - and above it all a sign
advertising automobile window tinting.

My friend Bram surveying graffiti in a courtyard off
Liteiny Prospekt, 12:54pm, Feb. 13, 2005.

More graffiti in the same courtyard off Liteiny Prospekt,
12:54pm, Feb. 13, 2005. This courtyard can be reached by
entering the courtyard of #61 Liteiny, then proceeding
through another archway that houses the entrance to
an antiquarian bookstore (that's how I originally found
this place), which takes you into this small, triangular,
graffiti-ed to the hilt courtyard.


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