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Friday, March 25, 2005

Moscow stencil graf

Earlier I posted a bunch of stencil graffiti, principally from St. Petersburg - I haven't really seen much intelligent stencil graf in Moscow. Fortunately, Chris "Two-Zero," a fellow expat in Moscow who maintains a blog called Cyber-generation, saw this new project and was generous enough to share with me a bunch of pictures he's taken of stencil graffiti in downtown Moscow. Thanks, Chris!

None of the pictures in this post are mine, but I am pleased to be able to share them:

My favorite writer
Zachem, in stencil form.


M26 - this appears to be a reference to some sort of weaponry.

M26 - they have more than one stencil, it seems.

"Love ready" - and popping out of the toaster.

Soldier - note the check mark on the sign, which is similar to the "V" in "Love ready" above - probably designed by the same person.

Tepee with strange implement at the bottom - and a familiar check-mark at the top.

The lettering at the bottom appears to say "СМОТРИ," or "LOOK" in Russian.

Hatching insect - cool.

3 X 10.

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