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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sick and the City

Veronica at Neeka's Backlog has a great photo of a bit of Moscow stencil graffiti which reads "sick and the city." Definitely worth checking out.


Anonymous Chris "Two-Zero" said...

Hey Lyndon,

a great blog you have here (as well as the other one). A blog about Moscow graf's was needed for a long time. Are you a painter yourself?

I used to be, but quite honestly I sucked, so I quit.

Anyways, what are you up to in Moscow? Lets have a beer one day.

By the way, I collect stencil photos (from around the world). Have quite a few from Moscow already.

Send me an email and I'll send them to you so you can post 'em. Haven't had time to do anything with them yet. chris at cygen.net

Keep up the good work and keep on writing. The world needs it.



4:43 AM

Blogger Lyndon said...


Thanks for checking out the blogs. Glad that you like them. In answer to your question, I only appreciate graffiti, I don't create it - my "writing" is limited to these blogs. I will email you tonight about the stencil graf photos - I would be interested in seeing those and perhaps posting them if you are OK with that.


1:07 AM

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