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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Brussels graffiti

This may be a bit off-topic, but I found so much interesting street art in such a small area when I was in Brussels a couple of weeks ago that it seems worthy of sharing. All of these photos were taken in the general vicinity of Avenue Louise at Stephanie Square. I was pleased to find in Brussels all of the same forms of graffiti/street art that one finds anywhere else - elaborate throw-ups, simpler tags, stickers (which I liked better than any I've ever seen before), and stencil graffiti.

Large throw-up in a pedestrian underpass under Avenue Louise, 3:02pm, March 14.

"Shine invasion" stencil graffiti in pedestrian underpass, 3:04pm, March 14 .

Graffiti'ed door in pedestrian underpass, 3:04pm, March 14.

Sticker, Stephanie Square, 3:14pm, March 14.

Tagged bench on Stephanie Square, 2:12pm, March 15.

Tagged bench (closeup) in BR, 2:12pm, March 15.

VIP tags on Avenue Louise, 2:13pm, March 15.

VIP tag (closeup), 2:13pm, March 15. I was surprised to see a tag
like this in Brussels - I would have expected to see something
like this in Moscow, where the term "VIP" is used and abused
by way too many service providers and establishments.

Stencil graffiti - looks like organs to me - on a sign, 2:20pm, March 15.

Wall across the street from the house where Audrey Hepburn was born, on
Keyenveld St., 2:22pm, March 15.

"Bubble" tag across the street from the house where Audrey Hepburn was born,
Keyenveld St., 2:22pm, March 15.

Sticker on lamppost, 2:24pm, March 15.

Tag on storefront, 2:27pm, March 15.

L'ove Nio tag (can someone tell me what this means?), 2:27pm, March 15.

Tagged-up gate to construction site, 3:24pm, March 15

"Bubble" tag, 3:27pm, March 15.

Tagged "no parking" sign, 3:28pm, March 15.

"Destroy" tag, 3:29pm, March 15.


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