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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Graffiti - and bunnies! - under the watchful eye of the FSB

Walking home last Saturday from the Biblio-Globus bookstore, I happened into a side-street that amazed me with the amount of graffiti it contained. Clearly a crew of writers had spent some serious time on this street. Much to my surprise, I saw that the street - Furkasovsky Pereulok - is literally around the corner from the Lubyanka, the headquarters of the KGB, now known as the FSB. All of these photos were taken on March 26th between 5:17 and 5:26pm (once I saw the FSB guard, I knew I had to photograph in a hurry or someone would get suspicious):

Zachem - my introduction to Furkasovsky Pereulok.

Assorted tags, including Zachem and Sac, another familiar one.

Street sign flanked by banner ads in the display windows of a gift store.

Elaborate "Waste" tag.

Just like on the hot-dog stand in
this post, Ches is up in the middle of
someone's marketing plan.

Vostok tag, and a squiggly mark seeming to identify this all as the handiwork

of the MNE 1 crew.

"Trago" tag on the window of what seems to be a defunct store.

"Seks" - a tag that's all over downtown - on the next store window over.

Another sighting of the bunny
first spotted on 2nd Brestskaya St.

"Waste" again.

Another bunny rabbit.

Freaky stencil graffiti - some kind of face.

Abandoned store entrance (note Zachem in red on the glass).

One last bunny.

Looking toward Lubyanka - the infamous building is the yellow-and-pinkish

one in the background at the far right.


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