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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Hong Kong Graffiti

Probably this first one doesn't exactly qualify as graffiti, but I liked it. This is a mural by the harbor in the fishing village of Tai O on Lantau Island, April 6.

"People's love more stronger than the wave" - a reference to the recent tsunami disaster? - April 5.

"Incarcerated minds," April 5.

Sticker art on a street sign, April 5.

Graffiti sharing an alley with a (Buddhist?) shrine, April 5.

Smiley-face along the Central-Mid-levels Escalator, April 3.

Graffiti at Mosque Junction, April 3.

"Insane" on street box in Central, April 3.

"Insane" next to a Reebok store in Kowloon, April 7.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not dg4t! His name is ag4t.

3:15 AM

Blogger Lyndon said...

Sorry - I'll correct this.

1:20 PM


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