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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Stencil Graffiti from Hong Kong

At long last, I've gotten around to uploading and organizing some of the photos from our trip to Hong Kong earlier this month. I'm breaking up my graffiti photos from the trip into stencils and all others - here are the stencil ones:

Stencils of skaters, April 3.

Large stencil of crouching guy, April 3.

Stencil of guy spraypainting, April 5.

"No farting" sticker and "start" stencil, April 5.

Stencil of two women, April 5.

Rooster stencil on utility cabinet, April 5.

Rooster stencil on Central-Mid-levels Escalator, April 3.

Rooster stencil (red this time) & "adlib" tag in near-perfect courier font, April 5.

Wall of stencil graffiti, including a life-sized man with a gun to his head (photographed from far away), April 6.

Close-up of some of the smaller stencils on the wall shown above, April 6.


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