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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Moscow Ganja et cetera - graffiti from Granatnyi Pereulok

Yes, Virginia, there IS a dope-smoking subculture in Moscow. Chalk it up to the evils of capitalism, I guess...

This and all of the other photos in this post were taken behind or around the Moscow Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute (MGPI in Russian) building on Granatnyi Pereulok (a "Moscow's Best Addresses"-type of neighborhood; Brezhnev once lived on this block), on April 13 of this year around 6pm.

"Hits" tag on sign in front of MGPI building.

"Hits" on a door painted with the number "5," on the
back of the MGPI building.

Random design on a wall behind the MGPI building.

Illegible but pretty graf (and a cool, very old-style address
number "29" - I've never seen one like this before) on the
door of a neighboring building.

Graf on a gate behind the MGPI building.

Graffiti - including a musical note - on a wall behind the MGPI building.

Graffito - I can't figure out what it says, either - on a wall behind MGPI.

Large "Losers" throw-up on a wall next door to MGPI.


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