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Monday, June 13, 2005

New on the web - Russian stencil art community @ LiveJournal

I've mentioned on my other blog the degree to which the Russian-language blogosphere is dominated by LiveJournal sites. LiveJournal allows the creation of "communities" where people who share interests can congregate virtually. As of June 1, 2005, there's a community dedicated to Russian stencil art, with a lot of photos added already by aficionados and practitioners of this art form.

My favorite so far (originally posted
here) is this one:

The combination of a dig at the Russian President and a reference to a Bob Marley song is pretty outstanding.

Someone in the community located
a recent post of mine (on a series of stencils) and posted the photos here. As I keep saying, I have lots more photos of stencils from Moscow and St. Petersburg, and I'll be posting them later on in the summer when I should have a bit more free time.


Anonymous Konstantin Zverev said...

hello Lyndon.

found a link to your blog in ru_stencil lj community, and checked out your previous posts. great posts, and great idea! thanks a lot, and post more.

i've noticed several photos with ZACHEM stencils and stickers. ZACHEM is actually a group (?) lead(?) by Kirill Kto, who does a lot of creative stuff on the streets of Moscow -- stickers, stencils, bombing, graffiti, stapler art etc. Kirill has also quite an interesting point of view on the whole street culture. there was an interview with him in ukrainian magazine called NASH (means "our"), don't remember the issue, i guess november or december of last year.

anyway, thanks again, and keep it up!

3:46 AM

Blogger Erik Petersson said...

I read on your other blog that you will be leaving Moscow. That is sad, who will now take pictures of all the graffiti here?

2:09 PM

Blogger Lyndon said...

Konstantin, thanks for visiting and commenting, I have heard a bit more about ZACHEM since my first post but that's more information than I'd seen elsewhere, so thanks for that also.

Erik, don't worry, I'll be leaving, but I already have hundreds of photos which I haven't had time to post, and I plan to have many days of free time in Moscow this summer to add to the photo archives; then I'll put them online bit by bit from the US. So keep coming back - hopefully updates will be more frequent after July 1.

2:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) i absolutely agree with this stencil... hm...
2) Lyndon, why haven't you been posting any more photos? ;)) i wish you did..))

(writing to you from East-End London at the moment =) )

1:15 PM

Blogger Lyndon said...

SpinningOne, it is killing me that I haven't found time to post more! Now I'm in Uzbekistan for a week, and it's unlikely that I'll find time here, although who knows. Maybe I just needed to get away from "moskovskaia sueta." Have fun in London.

1:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my!! what are you doing in Uzbekistan? weren't you afraid to go there? i would, i s'pose.. but if it really helps you to get away from moskovskaya sueta - then it's ok!)) i hope you'll post something about your trip too! ;))

thanx =]] i'm having as much fun here as i can - i really adore this city.. i could easily live here - but who'd let me to?.. haha..))


1:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:21 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

zachem is a group of 5-8 guys, one member is kirill but there are others and they have no leader! each member contributes differents techniques and expressions. some hit trains during the night, some are more politically envolved against putin and some are doing streetart. i know them very well and the only thing in common, they are all members ANTI-FA-which is a new generation of mostly young people,who hate fascism and take part in meetings and fights with fans of fascism.In moscow,for example, there is a very famous anti-fa organization: GO VEGAS.It includes a lot of graffiti crews,such as:
-Thk and Alise(from Dresden)
-Не мы or No we
-Ugw and other...
They actively spread the movement of anti-fa in Russia.

5:31 AM

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