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Thursday, April 28, 2005


Here is a writer (or crew) who is up all over downtown Moscow:

NЁK (in blue) and other graffiti in a courtyard off Varsonof'evsky Pereulok, 5:50pm, March 26.

On a utility building in a courtyard between Bolshoi Patriarshy Pereulok (Lane) and Spiridon'evsky Pereulok, 6:08pm, April 12.

In a courtyard just off Krasina St., 6:26pm, April 13.

Looks like this one got interrupted and therefore is just an outline - Krasina St., 6:34pm, April 14.

In the context of beer-swilling locals (NЁK is at far right) in the area between the Boulevard Ring and Patriarchs' Ponds, April 16 around 4:30

Close-up of the same wall, around 4:30pm, April 16.

On a utility shed in the area between the Boulevard Ring and Patriarchs' Ponds, around 4:30, April 16.

Alongside stencils in entryway leading to the graffiti-rich courtyard off Kamergersky Pereulok, shortly after 7pm, April 17.

The NWP ("North-West Project") website has several pages of NЁK tags - some of them are really amazing.

The same site also has
a page with a couple of great stencils.


Blogger Passerby A said...

Hi Lyndon

Nice blog... I've been to Moscow once (for 2 days) on a business trip. Too busy attending meetings to notice all these things in the surroundings. Thanks for pointing them out... lovely pictures.

5:31 PM


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