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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Stencil wisdom

I am planning a larger post on stencils. I've found quite a few interesting ones since Chris was kind enough to share his photo archive with me and I posted selections from it. But the ones in this post don't really fit in with the other stencil graf I've seen.

I happened upon these tiny gems the other day in a courtyard off of Bolshoi Patriarshy Pereulok. At first I almost didn't notice them among the other graffiti:

Then I realized that these tiny (roughly 2" X 4" or 5 X 10 cm) stencils carry classic counterculture/subversive ideas of a magnitude quite out of proportion to their physical size.

"Imitate yourself!'

"You grow dull in an office!" (with a presumably intentional spelling error)

"Stop history!"

All photos taken around 1pm, April 26, 2005.


Anonymous WhineyLimey said...

Finally, Im back in Dnepropretrovsk and am posting the occasionaly peice of grafitti as and when I come across it.

5:00 PM

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