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Friday, August 05, 2005

Rural Moldovan Graffiti

This is not really graffiti in the classic sense - it's more of a local motto, or a bit of wisdom that someone decided to share:

The sign reads, "Spicul pîine pe masă, pace în casă" - roughly translated, this means "A piece of bread on the table, peace in the home."

"Spicul" is the tough word to translate - in this context it means something like an ear of wheat, the head of grain depicted above the text, but I'm so far from my grandmother's agrarian roots that I'm not even sure what that's properly called in English. Thanks to the online English-Romanian-English dictionary for assistance on this.

Anyway, this optimistic maxim is on both sides of the railroad bridge which you pass under after you turn left off the M2 from Chisinau and head down the A280 through Gvozdova towards Floresti (thank you, Mapquest - yes, they have Moldova mapped in detail, for all of the Americans who don't know where it is! Go check it out, kids, and don't say you never learned anything here).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lyndon, I am one generation closer to the farm and still had to reach for the dictionary to confirm that it is a spike of wheat, which seems not far from the Moldovan word. A lot of spikes would be a sheaf. Only corn has ears! Mary Ann

7:20 PM

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